On a rainy day…

It is said that we all have two eyes but different views

Happy reading!

It is raining again.
In slants not straight.
And people are sad.

The loving couple
Sit side by side
Cuddling each other
Far from the world

The business man
Sad as the rain that
Keeps his customers at home
And money bag empty

The lone soul
Stares out the window
His own are clouds are above his own head
Making him miserable.

The farmer smiles
Happy at the joyful downpour
That waters his plant
And gives a bountiful harvest.

Rain to a child
Is a sorrowful affair.
Him watching the rain go
Pitter patter on the glass plane
Shopping him from playing.

The rain to a lazy soul,
Is a happy excuse to skip chores.
To sleep all day,
Tucked away
In slothful slumber.

©®the silent writer

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